Charitable purpose

The object of the charity is the relief of financial hardship by the provision of grants to individuals in need, as well as educational initiatives to promote self-development, growth and financial security. We have a particular focus on: 

Beneficiaries may also be identified from nominations made to the Trustees by Members of the Gresham Club. 


It's easy to donate to our Charity.  To donate, please click the donate button or go to our PayPal page at: The money that you donate goes entirely towards fulfilling the aims of the Gresham Benevolent Fund. We are registered for Gift Aid, so please opt-in when you can. 

You can alternatively donate via CAF Donate at: 

All your kind donations help us carry out our important work for the benefit of others


Having been formed in 2020, the charity is regulated by the UK Charity Commission. It is run by a Board of Trustees who meet regularly to manage the finances, promote fundraising and consider the allocation of grants. 

Although much of our support is generously derived from the Members of The Gresham Club, we are independent of The Gresham Club and have an entirely separate governance structure.

Apply for Support

To apply for a grant, support or assistance, please contact the Trustees for a copy of our application form. All applications are carefully evaluated by the Trustees. 

Naturally there are some selection criteria that we use to assess applications to ensure that they fall within our charitable purposes. Please note that we only donate direct to beneficiaries and we do not donate to, or via, other charities.